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KAMAZ Trucks at Russias Main Construction Site

Special vehicles produced by OJSC KAMAZ are in high demand in Sochi now because of rapid construction of sports facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics and the combined Adler Krasnaya Polyana motor- and railroad.

Sochi is a difficult region for construction: its mountain terrain requires constructing transport infrastructure with numerous mountain tunnels and bridges. Therefore, construction companies choose KAMAZ vehicles which can perform even the most difficult construction, installation and cleaning operations. Construction companies more and more often use all-wheel drive vehicles KAMAZ-6522 (6x6) with 19 t carrying capacity and KAMAZ-65222 (6x6) vehicles with single tires for operations under difficult conditions. This information was obtained during a poll conducted by OJSC KAMAZs dealers in Krasnodar Krai among construction companies operating in the region.

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Design features of these vehicles are typical of many models of the new generation of KAMAZ vehicles. In comparison with the previously produced models, vehicles of the heavy line feature improved performance: longer life cycle, higher carrying capacity, higher engine power, and lower specific fuel consumption. Thanks to their continuous AWD, three-axis chassis, reinforced frame and running gear, these vehicles can easily operate in barely passable regions. Continuous AWD and single tires not only provide a high cross-country ability, but also a fording ability in waters up to 1.75 meters!

The KAMAZ-65222 dump truck with 12 cbm body capacity and 19.5 tons payload can carry various types of cargo even under the most difficult conditions. The KAMAZ 740.63-400 engine equipped with the electronic Common Rail fuel injection system provides high power (400 hp) and low fuel consumption. The vehicle is equipped with the mechanical 16-speed gearbox ZF 16S1820 ensuring reduced fuel consumption, optimum gear ratio and long engine life. All these features make the vehicle perfect for construction in Sochi.

To date, KAMAZ is ready to meet high demand for machinery, offering builders a wide range of vehicles which includes not only dump trucks, but also mobile cranes, inclined-axis mixers, excavators, cement trucks and other special-purpose vehicles.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Engineers of the Future Work at KAMAZ

Three young KAMAZ workers entered Top 100 of the rating of the forum "Engineers of the Future".

Aleksey Martyugin, production engineer of the forge plant; Andrey Aleksandrov, main specialist of the automobile plant; and Maria Zainkina, economist of the marketing department, are among the winners of the competition of the Second International Youth Industrial Forum organized by All-Russian Public Organization The Union of machine engineers of Russia.

Aleksey Martyugin is the closest to the top of the rating with his fifth place and more than one thousand participants of the forum behind.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


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